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Date: Tue Oct 18 2005 - 05:58:34 CST

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    Picking this thread up from list <>.

    Scríobh "Jukka K. Korpela":
    > ...
    > It would be nice if we had a definition of "commonly available characters"
    > for each country, describing the _typical_ repertoire...

    Surely we have, or did have something pretty close to that comprehensive
    level (at least for European requirements, country by country) in the
    days of all those CEN workshops of the 1990's, as we worked towards
    defining the BMP and its consituent groupings, on which I and other NSAI
    people worked very hard (and which fed into our locale projects).

    Maybe Mícheál Mac might like to comment on this.

    George's account (below) sounds a bit like 10646 and related work from
    the late eighties on.:-)

    But at least we are getting there now, if slowly.

    The most important thing now is that a lot has yet to be done with
    regard to letting people know what is out there, or rather _in_ there
    (already on their computers, only they don't know it, as they mostly
    acquiesce to non-country-specific - or worse, WRONG-country specific -
    factory default settings with all their faults).

    With regard to the above, I suppose it is up to National Bodies (now, as
    then) to ensure maximum involvement and exposure at national level in re
    all such info.

    Scríobh George W Gerrity:
    > ...
    > The early printers didn't usually use different forms just for fun,
    > but rather by accident, ignorance (in the case of a non-Roman font),
    > or necessity. In any case, multiple forms were probably placed
    > jumbled together in the same sort box, and it would be difficult to
    > find a form in short supply. Later on, when a previous page had been
    > printed, it would be broken up, the type from it would be re-sorted,
    > and the compositor could pick up some additional pieces not available
    > when he started making up the current page.
    > George
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