Re: Lao Letter Fo Sung and Lao Letter Fo Tam

From: Andrew West (
Date: Wed Oct 19 2005 - 06:00:07 CST

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    On 18/10/05, Richard Wordingham <> wrote:
    > The current version of the standard, TIS 620-2533, is available on-line at
    > , in Thai. It
    > doesn't give the acrophonic part of the consonant names. Although the name
    > of the standard is given in English as 'Standard for Thai Character Codes
    > for Computers', the Thai name actually translates as 'Codes for Thai Letters
    > that are used with Computers'. That not only excludes Lao letters, it also
    > excludes the ancient subjoined letters!

    Yes, I saw this page, but as you say it does not seem to cover Lao. I
    do wonder why Thai is based on TIS 620-253 and Lao is based on TIS
    620-2529, when both seem to be basically the same standard for Thai
    character encoding. It would seem that Lao is not directly based on
    TIS 620-2529, but on a Lao mapping to TIS 620-2529. I would still like
    to know where the Unicode Lao names originally came from, if anyone


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