Re: Punctuation character (inverted interrobang) proposed

From: Christopher Fynn (
Date: Wed Oct 19 2005 - 23:56:13 CST

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    Denis Jacquerye wrote:

    > Don't we all have to convince font designers to include our glyphs?
    > "Unicode encodes characters, not glyphs."

    Again not exactly - in a "smart" font you can include a mark attachment
    point on all base glyphs and a mark to mark attachment point on
    diacritic marks - then a lookup which will attach any of these diacritic
    mark glyphs to the glyph for any base character (or to a preceding mark
    glyph where there are multiple diacritics) at this point.

    The interrobang glyph looks like a question mark and exclamation mark
    printed over each other (overlapping) - which is quite different than a
    combining mark which sits above or below a base character glyph. (For a
    start there can be rendering problems when you overlap two outlines.)

    While there are fonts which have lookups allowing you to combine the
    glyph for _any_ diacritic in the font with the glyph for _any_ base
    letter in the font, I've never seen a font which lets one arbitrarily
    print the glyph for any character *on top of* one for any other just by
    inserting a ZWJ between two characters. So I think you'd more or less
    have to have a specific lookup for this particular combination. A lookup
      which displayed this combination of characters using a specific
    "inverted interrobang" glyph in the font.

    - Chris

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