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Date: Mon Oct 24 2005 - 15:58:44 CST

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    Am 20.10.2005 um 20:43 schrieb Edward H. Trager:

    > Suppose that there existed a "UnicodeWorld" project that looked
    > something like the aforementioned
    > MathWorld. Such a site would be of primary interest to people who are
    > very serious about languages,
    > scripts, linguistics, font technologies, internationalization,
    > localization, and so on. In other
    > words, the people who read this list. As a result, it is almost
    > certain that a high level of quality would
    > dominate and the error-correction rate would be very rapid.

    There isn't a perfect *UnicodeWorld* right now, but in May 2005, the
    University of Applied Sciences in
    Mainz, Germany, started

    There is an average of 6,500 unique visitors per month (40% from the
    USA) and in the first months,
    we collected more than 2,500 contributions to more than 1,100

    I think: always when there is a new media coming up, people of the old
    media confuse old and new.
    Television is *not* Cinema -- and an Online-Wiki is *not* the
    Encyclopedia Britannica.
    You can choose the media you want to look at.

    To make things clear, the layout of the decode-website distinguishes
    between the »official« data
    from Unicode in the upper *white* part of the page and the wiki in the
    lower, *coloured* part of the page.

    Each contribution is reviewed (and perhaps changed) by a moderator.
    Actually, there are one english
    and two german moderators.

    We are working on an update to 4.1 with 1,000 more glyphs in three

    Most contributions are from linguists and typographers. We would very
    much appreciate if the
    members of this list would more share there knowledge with 6,500
    visitors per month.

    If you have suggestions to improve the project, don't hesitate.

    Best regards,

    Johannes Bergerhausen

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