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Date: Thu Oct 20 2005 - 15:20:55 CST

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    I would have to say that I have been told by more than one person who has a website on a particular writing system and are therefore specialists in that one language, that they do not find wikipedia accurate.
    Two of them have told me that they have tried to revise wikipedia to be more correct but were unable to get their revisions to 'stick' and have consequently given up on it.
    However, this might be a chance to ask what the language that is designated as Aramaic in the Syriac script actually is.

    It is called Aramaic in English, It says 'd'ivrit' in the Syriac script and is designated for speakers of Neo-Aramaic. I notice that since I blogged about this page in September it has been changed to say Aramaic, on its own page, but still on the language page it looks like "d'ivrit".
    I know nothing about these languages, but was simply looking for more info on the Syriac script when I stumbled on this, and checked the letters in Syriac for accuracy to find it said d'ivrit.
    I have only since used wkipedia to share information with known people who I can identlfy - and thank you to those who have done this.
    Suzanne McCarthy
    > Personally, I liked the few wikipedia articles that I looked up so
    > far, but it's certainly vulnerable and apparently admittedly
    > imperfect: See The Register "Wikipedia founder admits to serious
    > quality problems"

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