Re: ISO 15924 and differences in French names of scripts

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Wed Oct 26 2005 - 10:51:53 CST

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    From: "Mark Davis" <>
    > > Unicode people can't seem to agree whether to use the recommanded
    > > orthography or not.

    People don't need to agree about this, they are free of applying it or not.
    So the standard does not have to satisfy all people. However the standard
    must be consistant, and choose to either use the recommanded form, or not.

    But there's no justification for the existence of the two orthographies in
    the same standard. The CLDR must choose one option and keep using it. As the
    CLDR was fully made after the reform it should apply the reform.

    > We received a bug report on *'Sun Oct 23 11:09:17 2005'
    > ( that *"Iles d’Åland"
    > (one code) uses a different style than the others.

    Drop the <d'> it is incorrect and justified in the correction already
    applied in ISO 3166-1.

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