Re: ISO 15924 and differences in French names of scripts

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Wed Oct 26 2005 - 10:04:28 CST

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    From: "Denis Jacquerye" <>
    > The French locale in CLDR itself contains this disagreement of
    > orthography.
    > In we have "Iles
    > d'Åland" but "Īles Cocos".
    > Unicode people can't seem to agree whether to use the recommanded
    > orthography or not.
    > The recommanded orthography should be used.
    > See (in French).

    I have already signeld this bug since many months, it is in the CLDR bug
    report repository. It is marked for review by someone (can't remember who),
    but nothing has been done by him, and the bug report remains stale there, as
    nobody else has taken the hand on it).

    Note that the French reform only recommands dropping the circumflex over 'i'
    and 'u', but this does not apply to the circumflex over 'a' and 'o' because
    it really modifies the phonetics.

    So yes « bengali » is recommanded instead of « bengalī », as well as «
    Ile(s) » instead of
    « Īle(s) » (these in addition are common nouns that are explicitly listed in
    the text of the recommanded orthography).

    As there's no recommandation about the ring of over a in « Åland », it must
    be kept, notably because it also modifies the phonetic, where this must be
    phonetically pronounced like the french « Oh ! » (with a very slight vocalic
    diphtong) or the English term "all ».

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