ANSI and Unicode for x00 - xFF

From: Velasquez, Carlos (
Date: Wed Oct 26 2005 - 10:47:03 CST

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    Hello All,
    I am new to this list and somewhat new to the Unicode standard. I am hoping someone can help me understand the difference between ANSI and UTF-8 for characters in the domain of x00 and xFF.

    Are the 7 bit ASCII characters a subset of the 8 bit ANSI character? I understand that the 7 bit ASCII characters are definitely a subset of the UTF-8 set but am not sure if ANSI is a subset of UTF-8.

    Here is why I ask:
    Our database contains name information for a Spanish population. As such, we store names such as "Sérgio Murilo" in our database which is set to Unicode UTF-8. However, when we generate files and specify the file encoding to be ANSI, we get the character "é" in double byte (xC3 and xA9). But looking at the ANSI set, "é" is defined as xE9.

    Wouldn't they be one and the same? and in single byte?

    Thank you for any help you may have!

    Carlos Velasquez

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