Re: Roman Numerals (was Re: Improper grounds for rejection of proposal N2677)

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Fri Oct 28 2005 - 14:25:58 CST

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    > The rulings can be drawn and rendered using HTML only, without images, but
    > there are lots of CSS tricks to do that, and the page is not accessible.

    It doesn't look like rocket science to me:

    <span style="border-top:1px solid; margin-top:1px;padding-top:1px;
    <span title="Nombre 142 écrit en chiffres romains">
    <span class="romain">CXLII</span></span></span>
    <span style="text-decoration:overline">
    <span title="Nombre 368 écrit en chiffres romains">
    <span class="romain">CCCLXVIII</span></span></span>
    <span title="Nombre 795 écrit en chiffres romains">
    <span class="romain">DCCXCV</span></span>
     représente le nombre 142&#160;368&#160;795.

    The style definition of "text-decoration:overline" might not
    be accessible, but the in-line definition of the 2nd overline
    for the double-overline ought to be a clue.


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