Roman Numerals (was Re: Improper grounds for rejection of proposal N2677)

From: Andrew S (
Date: Fri Oct 28 2005 - 09:00:53 CST

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    Michael Everson wrote:
    > You should use the regular Latin letters.

    Note that the correct answer is not "Because the Roman Numerals are only compatibility characters"; that would be the correct answer to the question "Why were the Roman Numerals included in Unicode?"
    Nor is the correct answer "The Latin letters are defined to be the 'normal' characters", because that's a consequence of, not the cause of, the fact that somebody (WG2, I suppose) decided that Latin letters rather than dedicated Roman Numeral characters should be used to encode Roman Numerals.
    Those are separate issues from what I'm asking about. My question is "Why should the Latin letters be used instead of the dedicated Roman Numeral Characters which do (regardless of the reason) exist in Unicode?"

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