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Date: Sun Oct 30 2005 - 01:23:33 CST

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    I am not familiar with Dene or Carrier Syllabics at all but worked in Timmins with the Diocese of Moosonee which is on both the east and west coast of James Bay (Quebec and Ontario). However, the Cree that I knew were for the most part bilingual Cree-English.
    Bill wrote:
    >.I wouldn't be so sure that "syllabaire" is a thoughtless

    >translation of English "syllabics". Father Adrien-Gabriel Morice,
    >who created the Carrier syllabics in 1885, consistently
    >used the term "Dene syllabics" when writing in English but
    >"syllabaire dene" when writing in French (with acute accents
    >on both e's of dene in both languages).


    > I've read
    >virtualy everything he wrote except for his history of the
    >Catholic Church in Western Canada and can't recall him
    >ever using "syllabiques" as a noun.


    I didn't think that 'syllabiques' could ever be used in French as a noun but in Quebec where the use of the term in French is derived from the term Syllabics in English they use the term 'caracteres syllabiques' or 'ecriture syllabique'.


    However, if there is a history to the term 'syllabaire' in French that is good. Certainly the BIble Societe does translate Syllabics as 'syllabaire'. Your reference to Father Morice is very interesting. Most of my research on Syllabics is related to Cree.


    > I don't see a problem with "syllabaires" because
    >to me at least "syllabaires autochtones canadiens unifies"
    >is short for the awkward but perfectly sensible:
    >"systemes d'ecriture autochtones canadiens dits `syllabiques' unifies".


    Thanks. That is exactly how I understand it.

    >On a side issue, I haven't used accents here in French because
    >my impression is that people avoid non-ASCII postings.

    >Would people be comfortable using Unicode?


    I assume that my problem has to do with some limitation in my yahoo email. I can generally read it but there are Chinese characters replacing the accented letters!

    >I've actually corresponded recently with a friend in Korean, sending
    >UTF-8 through the mail without encoding (that is, no uuencoding
    >or base64), but I'm not clear as to whether this is really
    >reliable, and many people find encoding inconvenient.

    Suzanne McCarthy

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