Re: Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics

From: suzanne mccarthy (
Date: Sun Oct 30 2005 - 10:55:23 CST

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    I haven't explained this well. In English the white missionaries always called the writing the Cree syllabary. So naturally this lines up with Father Morrice's use in French of 'syllabaire'.
    However, in Timmins, where the Cree use Syllabics every day they call it Syllabics. It is a Cree English term. Then when the team of linguists involved in writing the programs for the encoding of Cree had their work translated into French, they used the term 'caracteres syllabiques' and 'ecriture syllabique'. They were careful to respect the term that the Cree people use themselves.
    I did not just google two random links. I specifically went to the website of the organization that represents the work of the encoding team.
    However, the fact that 'ecriture syllabique' is two words argues against its use in this context.
    Suzanne McCarthy

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