Re: Åland

From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Wed Nov 02 2005 - 12:53:53 CST

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    On Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005 12:34Z, Hans Aberg va escriure:

    > On 2 Nov 2005, at 09:56, Jukka K. Korpela wrote:
    >> Anything corresponding to
    >> "Åland Islands" would probably be taken as purely geographic
    >> and hiding rather than emphasizing the administrative status.
    > Most likely an error.

    Please tell it to UNO. The Cartographic Section
    ( seems to insist on using the
    suffix "Islands"; looks for example at

    UNGEGN seems to have other ideas (it
    seems they prefer using Åland alone), but they do not seem to enjoy
    popularity at NY.

    > If one wants to indicate that Åland is an island,

    I was told there are several.


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