Some Missing Astrological Symbols

From: David Faulks (
Date: Sun Nov 13 2005 - 12:21:28 CST

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    There are quite a number of symbols used in Western
    Astrology which are not in Unicode, and for which I
    have not seen any proposal. There was a post last year
    to this list (from Ernest Cline) mentioning most of
    the less obscure ones, but as far as I know, no
    progress has been made on them.

    Currently, I'm looking at around 11 symbols: An
    alternate Uranus symbol used (rarely) by astronomers,
    3 alternate Pluto symbols used by astrologers, 4
    symbols for the main belt asteroids Ceres, Pallas,
    Juno, and Vesta, a symbol for the Centaur minor planet
    Chiron, one for the virtual point Black Moon Lilith,
    and a symbol for the Sesqiquadrate aspect. There are
    many other symbols, but the ones above seem to be the
    most basic.

    Although common on the web, these symbols seem to rare
    enough in print that the two small libraries I visited
    to look for print samples did not have any book with
    them (with the exception of two of the Pluto symbols,
    and the astronomical Uranus). I do not really have the
    time or money to visit major libraries to look for

    I have tried to contact the astrological community for
    help, but none of the responses I have received (4 in
    total) were really any help. So I am pretty much
    stymied in any attempt to put together a real

    However, I am a bit too stubborn to simply let the
    matter drop. So, I cannot help but wonder if anyone
    here (someone connected with Unicode rather than
    Astrology), might have the resources, time, and
    interest to look into this. I personally think that
    these symbols are fairly obvious additions, but I now
    feel a bit doubtful that I can do anything myself.

    Thank You,
    David Faulks


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