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From: David Faulks (
Date: Tue Nov 15 2005 - 13:10:11 CST

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    --- A LeDonne <> wrote:

    > David-
    > A couple years ago, I started to work on something
    > related and had a hard time drawing the line as
    > to what to include...
    > then I ran out of time. Let's collaborate.

    The Unicode mailing list is obviously a much more
    fruitful place for astrological characters than
    astrological forums. :-)

    > For the record, I would drop the alternate planet
    > symbols, as it will be difficult to justify them
    > as distinct characters.

    That might be so, but I feel a bit reluctant to drop
    them immediatly, since the only print samples I have
    are for them, and they do seem to be regarded as
    separate symbols at many sites. Also, there seems to
    be a strong belief in 'Glyph symbolism', and I've seen
    the 'PL' pluto symbol dismissed as having no place in
    astrology for symbolic reasons.

    > However, I would add semi-sextile and inconjunct
    > aspect symbols. I also think the proposal should
    > address usage suggestions and commend additions
    > for some of the more obscure stuff that can be
    > adequately represented with existing symbols.

    That makes two people here who have pointed
    semi-sextile and quincunx (inconjuct) out to me. I
    think I should revise my list of symbols, and include
    suggestions for usage like you say. Note that I am
    still in the very earliest stages, so you shouldn't
    expect much.

    > If you're interested, I'll dig up the old stuff
    > I was working on - including a few scans - and
    > we can put something together, together.
    > -Alex LeDonne
    > PS - My wife is an astrologer, so there is value
    > to me in having these symbols in Unicode - they'll
    > be easier to support in software she wants me to
    > write for her. :)

    From what Ive seen of astrological software, that
    might mean Unicode will also need symbols for
    hypothetical trans-neptune planets (at least a dozen
    of them), many more asteroids, centaurs, variant
    symbols for obscure aspects like septile or novile,
    and finally, a Reversed Black Moon Lilith, for those
    who like to use both the usual position for Black Moon
    Lilith, and a more accurate one, on thier charts at
    the same time!

    Thank You,
    David Faulks


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