Re: Some Missing Astrological Symbols

From: A LeDonne (
Date: Tue Nov 15 2005 - 15:45:13 CST

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    On 11/15/05, David Faulks <> wrote:
    > > However, I would add semi-sextile and inconjunct
    > > aspect symbols. I also think the proposal should
    > > address usage suggestions and comment additions
    > > for some of the more obscure stuff that can be
    > > adequately represented with existing symbols.
    > That makes two people here who have pointed
    > semi-sextile and quincunx (inconjuct) out to me. I
    > think I should revise my list of symbols, and include
    > suggestions for usage like you say. Note that I am
    > still in the very earliest stages, so you shouldn't
    > expect much.
    > From what Ive seen of astrological software, that
    > might mean Unicode will also need symbols for
    > hypothetical trans-neptune planets (at least a dozen
    > of them), many more asteroids, centaurs, variant
    > symbols for obscure aspects like septile or novile,
    > and finally, a Reversed Black Moon Lilith, for those
    > who like to use both the usual position for Black Moon
    > Lilith, and a more accurate one, on thier charts at
    > the same time!

    There are a lot of issues (and glyphs and characters) to examine;
    that's what I meant by having a hard time finding where to draw the
    line. I've grown to see the question as: what has enough supporting
    evidence be encoded in Unicode? I hope your research is more fruitful
    than mine.

    As I mentioned, I think some of the obscure aspects may be able to be
    adequately addressed by existing characters (e.g. U+22A5 UP TACK for
    decile, perhaps U+1D5AD MATHEMATICAL SANS-SERIF CAPITAL N for novile,
    etc.) with annotations, much like U+25A1 WHITE SQUARE is used for
    quadrature, and U+25B3 WHITE UP-POINTING TRIANGLE is used for trine.

    I think the sesquiquadrate, semi-sextile and quincunx/inconjunct
    aspects will turn out to be the easiest additions to document and


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