Re: Exemplar Characters

From: Mark E. Shoulson (
Date: Wed Nov 16 2005 - 17:00:09 CST

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    JR wrote:

    >Another point, especially relevant to the apostrophe: CLDR, in my mind,
    >should be descriptive, rather than didactic. It should describe the
    >situation as it happens to be, not as it should have been.
    You may be right; I would never presume to know what CLDR should be.
    When I said that U+05F3 and U+05F4 would be Exemplary Characters for
    Hebrew, I was speaking in terms of what should be. OTOH, "what is" (or
    at least what has been) by definition can't include Unicode, since it
    didn't used to exist. By that reasoning we shouldn't have U+02BC or
    U+2019 or anything apart from U+0027, since that's what we made do with
    for a long time. It would probably make parsing and such a whole lot
    easier if U+05F3/4 were more available for Hebrew; they are necessary
    symbols, and it's even more annoying that U+0027 and U+0022 have special
    meanings as meta-characters in many settings.


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