Hebrew script in IDN (was Exemplar Characters)

From: Cary Karp (ck@nic.museum)
Date: Thu Nov 17 2005 - 03:04:37 CST

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    Quoting Mark E. Shoulson:

    >> Not apostrophe and quotation mark, I take it.
    > No, U+05F3 and U+05F4 ... you can't spell some (foreign-loaned)
    > Modern Hebrew words without U+05F3, and U+05F4 is necessary for
    > abbreviations, even those which are treated as verbs

    Several other contributors to the thread on Exemplar Characters also
    stated that these two characters are essential to Hebrew
    orthography. See also:


    Why are they not listed in the table at:


    This permits Hebrew auxiliary marks that are arguably far less
    necessary for IDN. What's the problem with the GERESH and GERSHAYIM?


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