Re: Hebrew script in IDN

From: Cary Karp (
Date: Thu Nov 17 2005 - 14:24:15 CST

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    Quoting Neil Harris:

    >> They are not included in the Hebrew keyboard.
    > Then Hebrew-language users are going to have great difficulty in
    > typing URLs containing IDNs that contain GERESH or GERSHAYIM, unless
    > either their input method can translate the characters automatically,
    > or their user-agents have special language-context-sensitive URL
    > parsing code

    There are any number of virtual keyboards and other 'character pickers'
    that are regularly used by people who need to type characters that are
    not on their stock keyboard.

    Anyone interested in exploring even a modest portion of the
    internationalized domain namespace is going to need some familiarity
    with these auxiliary text entry techniques.

    The question that triggered this thread was not how easy it is to type
    the geresh and gershayim, it was why they aren't regarded as necessary
    attributes of Hebrew orthography in the IDN table appended to UTR#39.


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