Re: Exemplar Characters

From: Hans Aberg (
Date: Fri Nov 18 2005 - 14:01:57 CST

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    On 18 Nov 2005, at 19:59, Mark Davis wrote:

    > You display little real knowledge of the CLDR project or the
    > relationship between the Unicode Standard and ISO/IEC 10646. Your
    > statement about ISO 15924 happens to be accurate (but a broken
    > watch is correct twice a day).
    > Please do not pretend to be an authority about these subjects.

    May we get to know your opinion of the correct the technical facts?
    An explanation of misunderstandings from those that really know, will
    help to keep up the technical standard of the list.

       Hans Aberg

    > Philippe Verdy wrote:
    >> From: "Erkki Kolehmainen" <>
    >>> LDML (UTS #35) stands for Locale Data Markup Language.
    >> I think this was a joke by Michael. He certinaly knows what CLDR
    >> is, even if he is probably less interested in it, because it is a
    >> secondary project out of the Unicode standard itself (it is just
    >> hosted by Unicode because most of the CLDR contributors are
    >> interested and present or represented in the Unicode working groups)
    >> It remains that CLDR and LDML are just technical specifications
    >> for how the Unicode standard can be used for those projects (there
    >> are other UTS related to XML, and XML is also not in the Unicode
    >> standard ; there are UTS related to charset mappings as well, also
    >> not in the Unicode standard).
    >> And ISO 15924 is also not part of the Unicode standard (it remains
    >> a ISO standard), despite Unicode hosts it, and the Unicode
    >> standard includes some auxiliary data that /conforms/ to ISO
    >> 15924, but this extra data is not part of the Unicode standard
    >> itself.
    >> The assignment of code points and names or script block names is
    >> also a separate standard not part of the Unicode standard: the
    >> Unicode standard just /conforms/ there to the ISO/IEC 10646
    >> standard which remains the reference (this last conformance is
    >> strict and adhering to the ISO/EIC 10646 standard is part of the
    >> Unicode standard)

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