Re: Burmese Script in IDN (was: Hebrew script in IDN)

From: Richard Wordingham (
Date: Sun Nov 20 2005 - 13:26:12 CST

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    Philippe Verdy wrote:

    > If I understand your statement, removing the ZWNJ would only affect the
    > spacing of monosyllabic words normally ended by ZWNJ. But then one must
    > ask whever all words end with ZWNJ: Of course not!
    > So suppose that in the statement above, all ending 'e' may create
    > ligatures with the following consonnant, and we had to insert an extra
    > ZWNJ to separate them in English, and we were not using spaces, we would
    > normally write:
    > ItChangesThe<ZWNJ>SemanticsNoMore<ZWNJ>LikeThis.
    > With the IDN rule, dropping ZWNJ would render the following incorrectly,
    > and possibly with different interpretation where two separate words would
    > combine into one:
    > ItChangesThesemanticsNoMorelikeThis.
    > (note the capitals/smalldifference here just to say where the words are
    > delimited, and in this example one could see the word "these" followed by
    > the plural word "mantics", if it exists).
    > Changing ZWNJ into a hyphen would be:
    > ItChangesThe-SemanticsNoMore-LikeThis.
    > Am I wrong?

    Slightly. Visible viramas (and therefore ZWNJ) also occur word-internally.
    I'm not sure you'd want to hyphenate placenames. It would probably only be
    palatable if all syllables not involved in inter-syllabic conjuncts were
    separated by hyphens.


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