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Date: Wed Nov 23 2005 - 12:41:07 CST

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    > Quoting Mark E. Shoulson:
    > >> That means, what are Yiddish speakers supposed to use?
    > >
    > > Well, what they *should* use are single letters, not the
    > > "ligature" letters. Yod+yod, vav+yod, vav+vav, etc. Yod-yod-patach
    > > is a bit of a stumper, though.
    > This brings us back to the question I originally asked which then
    > took us down a side path. Before telling users what they should be
    > doing, shouldn't we first find out what most of them actually are
    > doing?

    Regarding the use of Yiddish in IDN, I hazard a guess: nothing, absolutely


    > > Since we can't decompose them, the question is really how do we
    > > *stop* Yiddish speakers from using the ligature characters. Not
    > > putting them in the IDN set would be a start, I guess.
    > There are plenty of cases in IDN where this kind of ambiguity
    > results in need for the registration of several alternatives to what
    > ideally should only be a single name. As long as the reason for
    > doing so is convincing, nobody seems to complain.
    > But once again -- which of the two alternate representations of the
    > Yiddish digraphs is the one that would appear most natural to the
    > largest number of users? I suspect that the answer provided by
    > someone approaching the matter from Hebrew perspective would differ
    > from the one primarily based on a Yiddish perspective.
    > This may be gliding away from the purpose of this list, so it is
    > perhaps not worth pursuing further here. ?
    > /Cary

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