Re: ZWNJ in IDN (Burmese Issues)

From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Fri Nov 25 2005 - 02:54:41 CST

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    On Thursday, November 24th, 2005 21:31Z, Richard Wordingham wrote:

    > Antoine Leca wrote:
    >> On Thursday, November 24st, 2005 11:18Z, Richard Wordingham wrote:
    >>> How appropriate would ZWSP be in the middle of words like
    >>> 'Myanma(r)' and 'Yangon'?
    >> It would not, but I do not read Javier as telling it either.
    > But those are instance that Philippe Verdy would interpret as word
    > separators.

    Ah yes. Well well well. (Emh.)
    Please allow me not to comment about these kind of interpretations and
    whether in this very case in particular it is worth engaging a debate.

    I am sorry to have missed your point, I was too much targetted at ZWSP.

    <About the encoding of the visible virama>
    > If you mean it must be written U+1039,U+200C, then we do need ZWNJ for
    > Burmese IDN - far too many words would be excluded otherwise. But,
    > no has answered my question. To have ZWNJ appear in domain names,
    > does it have to make a difference to the name?

    I do not pretend I answer your original question; please remember I did
    argue about *ZWJ*, but I did not about the adequation to ban *ZWNJ* from
    And the point you are making clear above is one of the very good reason for
    me to have done that.


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