Re: UnicodeData.txt problem

From: Markus Scherer (
Date: Fri Dec 09 2005 - 13:27:01 CST

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    On 12/9/05, Theo Veenker <> wrote:
    > ... Suppose a new binary
    > property Pattern_Filename (whatever) is invented and data added to
    > PropList.txt. Now I'm not interested in using the new property in my
    > software, but I still need to adapt my PropList.txt parser in order
    > to cope with the added property. ...

    No need at all. Just ignore in your parser all those properties that
    you don't care about, regardless of whether they are new or old. With
    the existing structure of PropList.txt, this, at least, is very easy.

    There is an XML format in the works that would allow storing _all_
    properties in a single .xml file. It still needs some questions about
    more structured property values ironed out (for case mapping/folding,
    for example). I have some hope that in the future, this XML format
    will be published alongside the source .txt files. (I am not the one
    defining the XML format. A kind soul has taken on this task.)


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