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    Based on my limited Sanskrit knowledge I really don't remember anything
    as 'ca' used in Sanskrit sentences, inserted after each element.

    As far as I remember -
    1) In Sanskrit, two words are always synthesized if possible based on
    Sanskri grammer.
    2) If synthesis is not possible between two words, typically a blank
    space is left to demarcate the end of a word.

    This is mostly common in most of the India languages originated from
    Sanskrit (like Hindi, Bengali etc.)

    I guess I might be missing some subtle point in the discussion going on.


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    Richard Wordingham wrote:

    > No. You couldn't get Senatus Populusque Romanus (SPQR) out of
    > ["Senatus", "Populus Romanus"]. Of course, in Latin you can always
    > use 'et' between items. I suspect this problem would be unavoidable
    > with Sanskrit which similarly has a suffixed '-ca'. Any Sanskritists
    > to advise? And yes, I know the Google Sanskrit interface -
    > - still needs a lot of work!

    As I recall my Sanskrit, "ca" was usually inserted after the last
    element, or sometimes after each element all the way through. It's its
    own word, but frequently sticks to the preceding word owing to the way
    Sanskrit puts spaces between words (i.e. not all that often: if the
    preceding word ends with a consonant, there's no space).

    Welsh is a good example for the reasons you note: the mutations and the
    repetition of the possessive pronoun.


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