New Unicode input utility

From: Martin Kochanski (
Date: Fri Dec 30 2005 - 05:13:17 CST

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    I've written a new utility to help with the input of "sporadic Unicode" on Windows. The idea is to have a way of inputting arbitrary Unicode characters without having to switch keyboards, design keyboard layouts of your own, or install the Simplified Chinese keyboard for hexadecimal input!

    The Quick Unicode utility is available for download from and it's free. It lets you input Unicode using the traditional Alt+nnn method and provides a similar method for entering hexadecimal codes -- a great saving in effort given that the Unicode charts and Microsoft's 'charmap' show hexadecimal rather than decimal codes for Unicode characters.

    Quick Unicode won't interfere with those programs that already have some form of Unicode input but it extends a uniform input method across *all* Windows programs, including Windows Explorer, Notepad, and Internet Explorer (not to mention Mozilla Firefox): at last you'll be able to do a Google search in the Greek alphabet without having to switch keyboards or copy-and-paste from 'charmap'.

    Please visit the page, download the software, use it and enjoy it.

    Martin Kochanski.

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