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Date: Sat Jan 07 2006 - 05:34:44 CST

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    This is my first post to this mailing list. I am Pupeno and I've been
    advocating for Unicode for years.
    I am now working in some musical applications[1] where I want to use Unicode's
    musical symbols.
    Since no font has them[2] I am working on adding them to Free UCS[3] (taking
    them from Lilypond's Feta font).
    Now, Lilypond's feta's glyphs have the baseline of the glyphs in the same
    place as the baseline of the musical symbol (which commonly is the middle of
    the symbol). That is unbelievable usefull for drawing a Score like in [1],
    but on running text it looks bad, most symbols look like they have been
    dropped[4]. Furthermore, with those 'missplaced' glyphs I might not even be
    respecting Unicode itself.
    What do you recommend me here ?
    Maybe there's some feature about fonts (type1 or ttf) that would allow me to
    put the baseline on the bottom of the glyphs but still to easily identify the
    musical baseline of the glyph to easily place it on the Score ?
    If not, I would make my own font and provide it with my own program for that
    purpose, a solution I am not really fond of.
    Thank you.

    Pupeno <> (
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    [2] See "It is not all roses" on

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