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From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Sat Jan 07 2006 - 14:38:37 CST

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    Kent & Pupeno...

    > Code 2001 has an incomplete set of Musical symbols in the
    > 1D100 to 1D16D range, ...

    Thanks. I had to uninstall it recently (another story), and hadn't looked
    recently at the set of things it has

    Kent reported that Michael Good wrote:

    > the completeness problem is big enough on its own to discourage
    > the commercial creation of Unicode-compliant musical fonts.

    Then he (or "they") should be making proposals for adding characters to
    Unicode. Using pretty much just Unicode characters, perhaps spread among
    several fonts, and the usual drawing tools & layout smarts that
    special-purpose music software already has, one should be able to produce
    musical scores. I don't see a problem, if the right symbols are in Unicode.
    Nobody is stepping up to the bar to request additional musical symbols. If
    someone wants to do so, I can help with logistics and review.


    > This creates problems when using a lot of today's development
    > tools. So moving to Unicode musical symbols would add problems
    > without providing significant benefits.

    I don't see it. As of now, major tools aren't even remotely close to being
    Unicode-ready, and are barely "international" in any sense. I use Finale a
    lot myself (Maestro font), and I could think of several instant benefits
    if Finale had a Unicode *text* model, even assuming they didn't have the
    guts of the *music* processing in Unicode. For starters, I'd be able to
    insert lyrics in other languages such as Japanese & Russian, rather than
    English and (with difficulty) a few western European languages, and I'd be
    able to more easily insert various music *symbols* into text blobs in
    scores. And I would be also able to import and export text and lyrics from
    other Unicode-capable applications.


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