Re: Upper case U+0364 for U+0308

From: John Hudson (
Date: Mon Jan 09 2006 - 19:54:38 CST

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    Anto'nio Martins-Tuva'lkin wrote:

    > Umlaut as "E" above in this 1978 mediaeval-themed Austrian postage stamp:
    > < >.

    This is just a glyph variant of U+00D6 and would decompose to U+004F U+0308. There is a
    long established tradition of writing the German umlaut as a small E in display lettering
    and typography, since before use of the teo dots the umlauted vowel was indicated by
    addition of an e, either after or above. Sometimes the E is above the letter as in this
    Austrian stamp example, other times it may be within the letter.

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