Old Cyrillic I and Ukrainian Yi

From: Alexej Kryukov (akrioukov@newmail.ru)
Date: Thu Jan 12 2006 - 05:46:49 CST

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    Unicode says that Cyrillic Byelorussian-Ukrainian i (U+0406/U+0456)
    should be identified with Old Cyrillic i. There is no such comment
    for Ukrainian yi with 2 dots above (U+0407/U+0457). However, it is
    a well known fact that in Russian and Church Slavonic I/i with one
    or two dots above were considered acceptable variant forms long time
    before they became distinct characters in Ukrainian. In modern
    Church Slavonic the form with 2 dots is even preferred.

    So my question is: is it OK to use Ukrainian U+0407/U+0457 for
    Church Slavonic I/i? Or rather font designers of Church Slavonic
    fonts should implement U+0406/U+0456 as "i with 2 dots above", thus
    making it undistinguishable from Ukrainian Yi?

    Alexej Kryukov <akrioukov at newmail dot ru>
    Moscow State University
    Historical Faculty

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