Parsing of non-Western numerals

From: Kit Peters (
Date: Thu Jan 12 2006 - 12:09:04 CST

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    I am a Computer Science student at the College of Charleston in Charleston,
    South Carolina. This semester I am pursuing an independent study in parsing
    non-Western numerals in CLforJava, a Common Lisp implementation that aims to
    support the entirety of Unicode 4.0.

    As CLforJava is implemented in Java 1.5, I believe that a lot of my work
    will already have been done for me in the Java SDK. However, I do not know
    the extent to which Java does this, nor do I know the appropriate Java
    classes to use. I would welcome any advice on this matter.

    Also, are there any pitfalls of which I need be aware? I'm afraid I can't
    be any more specific than that, because I am still in an extremely
    preliminary stage of my work.

    Finally, a more specific question: Does anybody write floating-point
    numbers (e.g. 3.14159, 0.3774, 93.5632) and/or exponentials (1.32e03,
    1.602e-19, where 'e' is equivalent to 'times ten to the power of')?

    Thank you in advance.

    Kit Peters

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