Augustin’s 31st sermon (was: Upper case U+0364 for U+0308)

From: Otto Stolz (
Date: Fri Jan 13 2006 - 03:46:12 CST

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    I had mentioned

    Mike Ayers has written:
    > Perhaps my eyes are playing tricks on me, but I think that there is
    > a word on the third line of the lower section beginning with "xpi"...?
    > Is this perhaps Greek ("Christ"?) commingled with the Latin?

    Google has found the following transcripts for us:
    “sed si membra Christi sumus”
    and <>.

    Apparently, that “χρι” is an abbreviation for „Christus“, but then I am not
    a mediaevalist.

    Best wishes,
       Otto Stolz

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