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From: Markus Scherer (
Date: Tue Jan 24 2006 - 15:32:19 CST

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    On 1/24/06, Mike Ayers <> wrote:
    > I'm trying to build a project on a Japanese Windows server. I am
    > getting a failure and trying to track it down. I've gotten very
    > confused about backslash and yen. The Unicode mapping
    > (
    > places backslash at x5c and yen at x818f. The console window on the

    See "XML Japanese Profile" at

    > Japanese server accepts (alt-numpad) 92 (x5c) as yen. Strangest of all,
    > wordpad (alt-x) shows yen at x5c. Since wordpad deals in Unicode
    > values, I interpret this to mean that a font level glyph substitution is
    > being used.

    Yes, Windows fonts often have a Yen glyph for the backslash (U+005C) character.

    > Can I interpret this to mean that my Java et. al. source
    > code will be correctly interpreted by the compilers, even though they
    > appear to have yen signs where all the backslashes should be?

    Depends on which Java encoding you use. Some map byte 0x5C to the
    backslash, some to the Yen.

    Avoid literal non-ASCII characters in the source code, use \uhhhh
    instead (even if the \ looks like a Yen symbol). You will find out
    fast if javac's encoding interprets byte 0x5C as U+005C or U+00A5...
    if you get into trouble, change the encoding on the javac command


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