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    Hebrew was standardized in the 1950's for IBM unit record equipment. In the
    early 1960's the same Hebrew was used on Philco computers in Tel Aviv.
    Later, Hebrew was implemented on IBM 1401 computers and similar equipment.


    Much later, EBCDIC based Hebrew was established for IBM 360s, ASCII based
    Hebrew was established for DEC computers, and EBCDIC based for IBM 36/34 and

    The ISO standards documented established Israeli standards.

    The vowels and 'accents' in Unicode are those used in modern Hebrew


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    > Hi:
    > In the beginning, in 1963, the Hebrew Bible was
    > computerized for the first time in France by a truly
    > great scholar named
    > Gerard Weil.
    > After Weil the same manuscript---the Leningrad
    > Codex---was computerized about 6 times so far, by
    > different groups of people or by individals, in
    > Belgium and the U.S. Weil also computerized the 3
    > other major codices----Aleppo, London, Cairo....
    > However, none of these teams included a computer
    > scientist.
    > And none of them ever produced a national Hebrew
    > standard, in any of the countries where this happened.
    > So when the ISO 1987 Hebrew standard came into being,
    > it was the first and only public Hebrew standard
    > before Unicode.
    > The vowels and 'accents' you have in Unicode are
    > supposed to be good enough to represent the Leningrad
    > Codex, because that's what everyone works with, in
    > effect.
    > Today's utterly fascinating history lesson.
    > Elaine Keown
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