RE: Antwort: Heiroglyphics in Unicode?

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Thu Jan 26 2006 - 13:06:39 CST

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    Dominikus Scherkl wrote,

    > But 5.0 will not contain the egyptian hieroglyphs - not even all
    > the "green" blocks from the roadmap, and the hieroglyphs are
    > merely "blue". The Roadmap is not realy appropriate to guess when
    > a script will be added to the unicode. This is sad and somehow
    > contrary to what one might expect from a roadmap.

    Well, Dominikus, one of the reasons for the slow progress is that the
    person principally responsible for doing the work of writing the
    proposals and ushering them through the committees is not
    independently wealthy and cannot work full-time on script-proposal
    writing. The rent must be paid. When funding has been available to do
    the encoding work, as it was for N'Ko and Balinese, for instance,
    then the proposer has been able to work full-time on the proposals.
    Otherwise, the work has to be done as and when the proposer is able
    to do it.

    If you and other members of this list want to help facilitate the
    work, please make a generous donation to the Script Encoding
    It is tax-deductible for those who pay U.S. taxes.

    > Also very sad is, that the proposals which lead to the addition
    > of new characters are not public available once the characters
    > are added.

    Links to my own proposals (which constitute a large percentage of the
    characters added) can be found at

    Best regards,

    Michael Everson *

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