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Date: Thu Jan 26 2006 - 13:22:35 CST

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               Elaine Keown
               in middle America


    I have forwarded the suggested maqaf proposal

    to a professor of Modern Hebrew at UMass, Shmuel
    Bolozky. I also sent it to his programmer, Ben

    Prof. Bolozky and Mr. Gelbart are among a group of
    Israelis who are working on building a modern Hebrew

    I'm very glad this issue came up this way. I became
    aware recently that some Hebrew marks are still used
    in modern Hebrew poetry. I only know their Biblical
    usage, alas.

    I also suggested that Prof. Bolozky send the suggested
    proposal to "Hebrew Linguistics: A Journal for Hebrew
    Computational and Applied Linguistics"--if they have
    an electronic discussion group.

    Elaine Keown

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