Re: Malayalam Chillus

From: N. Ganesan (
Date: Wed Feb 15 2006 - 10:48:16 CST

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    >> The original Unicode specification is adequate to handle Chillus. There is
    >> no need to encode the chillus separately. The proposal to encode that was
    >> approved by Unicode some time back should be reconsidered and rejected just
    >> as proposals to encode eye-lash ra for Devanagari was.
    >> Vinod Kumar

    Mahesh Pai:
    >So, which code sequence should form chillus?
    > cons + chandrakkala + zwj?
    >cons + chandrakkala?

    I remember a suggestion from Antoine (Sept. 2005)
    In fact, there are probably three, not two, cases to be distinguished for
    end of words when there is no explicit vowel:
     a) author wants 'pure' candrakkala
     b) author wants samvṛtokāram
     c) author does not care (including does not know there
        is actually a difference, as Mahesh explained)
    to be added to the still different case:
     d) author wants cillakṣaram

    It seems to me the b] case is covered when one explicitely uses the sequence
    <u+0D41, u+0D4D>.

    If we discard for the moment the introduction of new codepoints for the
    cillus, we can still handle all the cases with the following distribution:
     a] <u+0D4D, u+200C> (ZWJ)
     b] <u+0D41, u+0D4D>
     c] <u+0D4D> (present practice, BTW)
     d] <u+0D4D, u+200D> (ZWNJ)


    N. Ganesan

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