CLDR/LDML questions

From: Travis Griggs (
Date: Thu Feb 16 2006 - 14:39:31 CST

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    I hope this is an OK to ask questions about CLDR. It's pages led me

    I'm trying to grok the way the numberFormatLength tags work. On the
    LDML page, it always shows the example with a type attribute. But in
    practice, most of the entries found in the core xml files specify no
    such attribute.

    So given something like

    which is it? the long, the medium, or what?

    I thought that the type would always be set, and then if found, the
    <default> tag would specify which of long, medium, etc, was the
    default to use if not specified. But I see no <default> used in a
    number format throughout any of the files, though the LDML examples
    show it.

    Thanks in advance for shedding any light possible on this.

    Travis Griggs
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