Re: CLDR/LDML questions

From: Ram Viswanadha (
Date: Thu Feb 23 2006 - 11:39:29 CST

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    Hi Travis,
    the type attribute is only required if you have muliple format
    patterns. Since CLDR only supports 1 format by default, we do not
    include the type attribute or default element.

    For an example of how type attribute is used in decimalFormat element
    please see:

    On 2/16/06, Travis Griggs <> wrote:
    > I hope this is an OK to ask questions about CLDR. It's pages led me
    > here...
    > I'm trying to grok the way the numberFormatLength tags work. On the
    > LDML page, it always shows the example with a type attribute. But in
    > practice, most of the entries found in the core xml files specify no
    > such attribute.
    > So given something like
    > <decimalFormatLength>
    > <decimalFormat>
    > <pattern>##,##.##</pattern>
    > </decimalFormat>
    > </decimalFormatLength>
    > which is it? the long, the medium, or what?
    > I thought that the type would always be set, and then if found, the
    > <default> tag would specify which of long, medium, etc, was the
    > default to use if not specified. But I see no <default> used in a
    > number format throughout any of the files, though the LDML examples
    > show it.
    > Thanks in advance for shedding any light possible on this.
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    Ram Viswanadha

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