Announcement: Beta 2 of Unicode 5.0 Data Files

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Tue Feb 21 2006 - 15:30:49 CST

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    The Unicode Consortium has decided to issue Beta 2 of the Unicode
    Character Database for Unicode 5.0. This extends the feedback period until
    May 9, 2006. The relevent public review issues for UAXes have also been
    extended to the same date. Some information on changes and updates to the
    UAX #9 beta will be announced soon. Data files will also be updated during
    this period.

    During the extended beta review period for Unicode 5.0, the UTC is seeking
    feedback on potential errors or inconsistencies in all of the data files.
    However, please note that some of the character properties will be frozen
    as of March 1. The freeze will apply to all properties defined in the
    following files: UnicodeData.txt, Scripts.txt, and EastAsianWidth.txt; to a
    specific list of properties from PropList.txt (White_Space, Hex_Digit,
    Diacritic, and Ideographic); and to two derived properties, Numeric_Value
    and Numeric_Type. Substantive feedback received after March 1 regarding any
    of those properties will be recorded and taken into consideration in
    review of future versions of the standard, but will not be reflected in
    modifications for Unicode 5.0.

    The Unicode 5.0.0 beta data files are available at General information regarding 5.0
    data files is available at

    If you have comments for official UTC consideration, please post them by
    submitting your comments through our feedback & reporting page:

    If you wish to discuss issues on the Unicode mail list, then please
    use the following link to subscribe (if necessary). Please be aware
    that discussion comments on the Unicode mail list are not automatically
    recorded as input to the UTC. You must use the reporting link above
    to generate comments for UTC consideration.

            Rick McGowan
            Unicode, Inc.

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