Re: corrections to P-list ?

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Thu Mar 02 2006 - 13:04:56 CST

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    From: "E. Keown" <>
    > How out of date is the list of P-members listed below?
    > Is there or is there not a BSI character set
    > committee? Is Viet Nam supposed to be listed?

    VietNam is listed as O-Member.

    > I've been pulling up this list for 2 years, and it
    > still says 'Brazil' on the line where 'Belgique'
    > (Belgium) should be.

    A effective editorial error...

    Apparently those Japanese pages (linked from the home page, which is the current website for ISO/IEC - JTC1/SC2) were not updated since 2004-10-07.

    May be these two pages (P-Members and O-Members) should be reloaded on the main Danish DKUUG website and updated there, if those Japanese legacy pages are no longer maintained ; this was done for the page listing "Liaison members".

    However, the JTC1/SC2 Secretariat is the Japanese IPSJ/ITSCJ, so it's logical that the Secretariat maintains those pages itself on its own server, or sends update reports tothe maintainer of the main website published by DKUUG.

    Diyou try to write to the Secretariat? See for example the bottomof this webpage presenting its last report: about the 13th meeting in Canada... also dated 2004-06-24.

    It seems that all work in JTC1/SC2 (coded character sets) has been stalled since 2004, the last published standard being ISO 10646:2003 published at end of 2003.

    Does it mean that all international work on 8-bit coded charsets is now terminated, and now performed only at national level for those countries that would still need a 8-bit charset (including for example India for other Brahmic scripts which could be handled by adding more mappings in ISCII), given a recommandation that now all new 8-bit charsets should be defined with a strict mapping in reference to ISO-10646 (this implies that no additional charactercurrently not mapped in ISO 10646 couldnot be added in such charsets, avoiding the additional work for ISO 10646 and Unicode required for compatibility mappings) ?

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