Re: character set : imprecise terminology to use for general audience

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Date: Tue Mar 07 2006 - 13:16:51 CST

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               Mars 2006

    Cher Philippe et les Unicodeurs:

    > Do you mean that there's a need to reformulate the
    > definitions, in a separate document used by
    > semitists, and with a terminology that they already

    I think a general document in readable language needs
    to be written.

    But my immediate concerns are communicating with
    Semitists, not with others. There are more people who
    do Hebrew in certain countries than others---so I hope
    to help write a small online dictionary useful in
    those countries.
    > The main problem will start immediately with the
    > distinction between character and glyph. What is a

    Those 2 terms, 'character' and 'glyph' are actually
    two core terms that I need to define for Semitists.

    I read through the Unicode glossary very quickly. It
    is not oriented towards Semitic scripts.

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