Need help in interpreting symbol 225e (measured by)

From: Gusztáv Jánvári (
Date: Wed Mar 08 2006 - 22:51:20 CST

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    I’m in localizing Unicode symbol names to Hungarian, and I have to translate
    the symbol name “measured by”: I studied incredibely lot of Math :), but
    unfortunatelly I’m not sure when this symbol is used. My not-too-educated
    guess is that it is used to express that the fact of the equality is
    determined by measuring something (for example, when you fill in two glasses
    with the same amount of water and both looks like it is completely full, you
    could say, they are equal by measure).


    Thanks for any help. (A solution is required from me in a day.)


    Thanks a lot,

    Gusztav Janvari


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