Re: Need help in interpreting symbol 225e (measured by)

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Fri Mar 10 2006 - 12:20:43 CST

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    António MARTINS-Tuválkin asked:

    > A bit off (this) topic: Why isn't U+225E decomposable as U+003D U+036B ?

    Because U+036B COMBINING LATIN SMALL LETTER M was not yet encoded
    at the time that U+225E was encoded:

    U+225E Derived_Age=1.1
    U+036B Derived_Age=3.2

    And because of normalization stability guarantees, no new combining mark
    encoded as of Unicode 3.0 or later can be used to create a new
    decomposition for a character that didn't have one previously but
    which might be argued to consist of a combination with it.

    Nothing can prevent people from using a sequence <U+003D, U+036B>
    and expecting it to display as an equals sign with a small m
    over it, but it will never be canonically equivalent to U+225E.


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