Re: East Asian Emphasis Marks (Japanese bouten, etc)

From: fantasai (
Date: Mon Mar 13 2006 - 17:17:43 CST

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    Ken Lunde wrote:
    > All,
    > In the Adobe-Japan1-x character collection, we map U+FE45 and U+FE46 to
    > CIDs 12639 and 12640, respectively. In other words, we provide separate
    > glyphs than the punctuation marks they resemble. These glyphs are
    > intended for use as annotative marks, such as ruby. In fact, the range
    > of glyphs intended for annotative use are intended to be scaled to a
    > smaller size, typically 50% for text runs.

    Could you explain that in a little more detail, please?

    I take what you said to mean that
       - U+FE45 and U+FE46 have their own glyphs
       - these glyphs are intended to be scaled down to 50% of the text size
       - therefore in the font they are approximately twice the size of the
         comma rather than approximately the same size
       - therefore an application wishing to use U+FE45 as an emphasis mark
         should scale its glyph down by half before rendering it
    Is that correct?


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