Re: [ISO 15924] Georgian script systems and alphabets

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Mon Mar 13 2006 - 18:21:00 CST

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    At 00:33 +0100 2006-03-14, Philippe Verdy wrote:

    >(1) CORRECTION: In ISO 15924, I note the
    >following illogical French and English names for
    >the ancient ecclesiastic Georgian script (in a
    >bicameral script system) :
    > Code: Geok
    > Number: 241
    > English: Khutsuri (Asomtavruli and Khutsuri)
    > French: khoutsouri (assomtavrouli et khoutsouri)

    Yes, this is an error. Nuskhuri should be in the parentheses there.

    >So I propose this addition in ISO 15924:
    > Code: Geon
    > Number: 242
    > English: New Georgian (Mkhedruli and Asomtavruli)
    > French: néo-géorgien (mkhédrouli et assomtavrouli)

    No. this is a question of orthgraphy mixing two
    scripts. It is not question of script identity.

    >So I propose this addition in ISO 15924:
    > Code: Geom
    > Number: 243
    > English: Mrgvlovani (Asomtavruli)
    > French: mrgvlovani (assomtavrouli)

    No, I don't think Asomtavruli needs a code of its
    own. Its being identified in Geok is enough.

    >(4) QUESTION FOR ADDITION: Note that the letter
    >alphabet has two historical variants, the first
    >created in 412 B.C. by priests of the cult of
    >Mithra, the second created after a reform in 284
    >B.C. by the king Parnavaz the First of Iberia
    >(this reformed alphabet is what Georgians
    >consider being the Asomtavruli alphabet used in
    >the secular Mrglovani script system, and still
    >used sometimes in New Georgian with the
    >tentative bicameral script system).
    >But, is the initial non-reformed Asomtavruli
    >alphabet unified in Unicode and ISO 10646 ? If
    >so we may need to encode new letters. But in any
    >case, we should need this addition that I
    >propose in ISO 15924:
    > Code: Geoa
    > Number: 244
    > English: Ancient Asomtavruli
    > French: assomtavrouli ancien

    I have nothing to say about this. No evidence is provided.

    Michael Everson *

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