Re: [ISO 15924] Georgian script systems and alphabets

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Mon Mar 13 2006 - 19:26:25 CST

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    >>So I propose this addition in ISO 15924:
    >> Code: Geom
    >> Number: 243
    >> English: Mrgvlovani (Asomtavruli)
    >> French: mrgvlovani (assomtavrouli)
    > No, I don't think Asomtavruli needs a code of its
    > own. Its being identified in Geok is enough.

    Another consideration here: this code means that the whole text is written only with "capital" letters. The sametext would look EXTREMELY different if written in the ecclesiastic Kuthsuri style, because almost all letters would be Nukhsuri, and NOT Assomtavruly.

    A modern Georgian reader (Geor), that may be able to read this classic Asomtavruli text (Geom?) with large rounded letters or that was trained to read the tentative bicameral new Georgian (Geon?) texts with large rounded letters, would CLEARLY NOT be able to read a Kuthsuri text (Geok) where almost all letters are changed to Nukhsuri (the old ecclesiastic small square letters, also very different from the small rounded Mkhedruli letters used in modern Georgian).

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