Re: East Asian Emphasis Marks (Japanese bouten, etc)

From: fantasai (
Date: Wed Mar 15 2006 - 16:16:57 CST

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    Kenneth Whistler wrote:
    > fantasai asked:
    >>What code points are recommended for the filled and hollow dots when
    >>used as emphasis marks?
    > My personal suggestion would be:
    > U+2022 BULLET
    > ... in part because that would be consistent with the extension
    > of the CJK practice to include other bullet-like characters
    > in the function, such as U+25C9 FISHEYE.
    > But that would best be checked with people, like Ken Lunde, in
    > the actual font business, who might have implementation
    > experience here.

    I have a copy of JIS X 4051 as of today, and Martin Heijdra helped
    me find the right section. Here's what it says:

    7.11 圏点処理 圏点処理は,次による。
    a) 圏点の文字サイズは,親文字の文字サイズの 1/2 とする。
    b) 圏点は,親文字 1 文字に 1 文字だけつける。
    c) 圏点の位置は,縦書きでは親文字の外枠の右側とし,横書きでは親文字の外枠の上部
    d) 圏点がついた親文字列は,元の親文字の文字クラスに従う。
    e) 圏点クラスの文字種は,JIS X 4052 の附属書 2 による。

    Apparently the list of shapes endorsed by this spec is in appendix 2 of
    JIS X 4052?


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