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Date: Fri Mar 17 2006 - 00:33:32 CST

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    > Just try to view this French Wikipedia page...

    > You'll see that "some" browsers still do not correctly handle the needed
    > reordering of vowels before display and this includes Internet Explorer
    > (IE6 or even in latest beta of IE7 on Windows XP with the latest patches
    > installed, and with Office 2003 installed with additional fonts and most
    > up-to-date Uniscribe engine). And if you copy/paste it from Internet
    > Explorer to MS Office Word or Excel documents, where Uniscribe is used,
    > things don't go really better (the results are different and show other
    > bugs for other code blocks.) Now try to print them, and the preview and
    > print renderer seems to use another algorithm with *other* bugs...

    Whatever are you talking about? All of these scenarios work perfectly fine in IE6 and Office 2003. IE has been handling Indic reordering vowels for several years now.

    > The mandatory placement of all matras placed before the consonnant is
    > signaled as a serious bug, and this is what I call an "interoperability
    > problem" because it forces authors to change the local document encoding
    > specially for some browsers or OSes that only use a visual ordering for
    > those scripts, just to produce the desired order at reading (and yes this
    > category includes Internet Explorer, Windows itself, and Microsoft Office
    > applications).

    I can assure you that you are badly mistaken about IE, Windows and MS Office.

    Peter Constable

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