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Date: Sat Mar 18 2006 - 01:35:07 CST

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    > From: Philippe Verdy []


    > > Re-ordering of Indic vowels most certainly does work on the Indic

    > scripts that are supported on XP (which is most of them).


    > Not from my experience, and from many users. Its nearly impossible to get

    > aset of fontsworking with all of them.


    1. Install Windows XP.

    2. Go into Regional and Language Options control panel.

    2.a. Enable support for complex scripts.

    2.b. Add input language of choice (Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, etc.).

    3. Open Notepade, select input method and start typing.


    Result: it works. And you didn't even have to do anything with fonts.



    > > Myanmar and Oriya were not supported on XP.


    > That's something that Microsoft did not claim high. Why then providing

    > user settings in Internet Explorer for these scripts if IE ignores this

    > setting, or use the specified fonts incorrectly?


    ?? I'm not aware that IE ignores any of its settings; it allows you to select a font to display characters from various scripts, one of these being Myanmar. That is not a claim that Myanmar is supported; it's just a means for the user to select their preferred font for a given script rather than risk showing boxes.


    > Isn't it only because

    > Windows XP just ships with fonts supporting only the national digits?


    I'm not aware of any font that ships with XP that supports only national digits. (That's a bit of an odd suggestion.)



    > >> * Bengali, Oriya, Malayalam (left matras displayed on the right),

    > >

    > > Bengali and Malayalam are supported in XP SP2, and the left matras

    > display on the left.


    > Lots of attempts trying to make them work. But very disapointed to see

    > that left matras are displayed on right in Internet Explorer 6 or 7 beta,


    A screen shot from IE6 tells the story:




    I just followed the link to the page; it just worked.



    > >> * Telugu (minor: only one matra is subjoined, others are not subjoined

    > or upper

    > >> joined but always displayed after the consonnant)

    > >

    > > We display Telugu vowels where they belong in relation to the typeface.

    > > Some attach above, some go below and some go lower right.


    > Does not work for me with "Arial Unicode MS" or "Gautami" (tried on

    > several hosts,with orwithout Office 2003 or XP installed, but all updated

    > with SP2).


    The images in the last message I sent were screen shots of Gautami. It just works.


    Arial Unicode MS is not a font that ships with Windows. It has shipped with Office and was included as a fallback to show real glyphs for characters rather than boxes; it wasn't designed as a text font that would correctly shape several scripts.



    > > I won't debate that point. But I will correct inaccurate statements such

    > as your earlier one about IE not handling re-ordering Indic vowels.


    > I did not say that.


    I've already provided the quotation.





    Peter Constable


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